Friday, February 17, 2006

Mid Feb Flow - Long Time Coming.

What has been going on? Going out with friends, two new volleyball season, Super Bowl, I might even have some links and some new pictures of various things to share with ya'll.

Things I have been up to or noticing:

Super Bowl Sunday: Hung out with Gian, Jimmi and Jr and somehow found my way into a new group, A good, funny, touchy group of guys who I have been hanging with and they just keep me cracking up. Big ups to Dave, Bruce, Ron and Pauly.

Snow Storm: Saturday night out with the new group of guys at Gym late into the night as we watched the snow fall. We ended up talking to this behemoth of a guy who funny enough ends up living down the block from me. Nice guy who was planning on walking to Time Square in the snow because it was his first snow fall here in NYC. Called him Sunday after he got back from Central Park. Said he was a big old wet mess. 6'4, 256lbs of muscle and a big old wet mess. He said his pants and shoes were frozen to his legs.

Since the storm: Okay, so we know I have a problem with people who do not know how to navigate the sidewalks and it can only be worse when the sidewalk is reduced by half. A little path of sidewalk and women with strollers who assume they have the right of way is not a good match for me. They come full speed at you and yesterday I could have sworn one would have run me over if I didn't step to the side. I promise you this, next time I will let her hit me and fall dead away on top of the carriage and make sure everyone sees it.

Valentines Day: Well, you got a post from me yesterday for the day but ended up going to Inagiku for sushi and sashimi with Michael. Been dying to take me there for weeks and finally I said yes. And yes, the food is amazing, best sushi I have had since I left LA. And they can throw together a great Soy Flan for dessert. Thanks for a great dinner.

Today: Carriages still in the way but one finally got what she was asking for by not paying attention. Not sure if she was the mother or the nanny (there as so many damn nannies on the friggin UES) but I was on one side of the street and three carriages were on the other corner. The light changes and two begin to move in a line, that is fine, the third is still for a moment. Then all the sudden who ever the woman was just jams on the gas with her stroller and jams it right off the corner into a hole and flips the stroller over to within about 4-5 inches of the babies head hitting the ground. Good thing she had a hold of that handle. You would think I would get off on seeing someone learn her lesson but this would have been a really sad event, but the thing was not many people stopped. She was upset and other mothers kind of just looked, said are you okay and then kept going. Oh well.

Okay, time to get my ass going. I have volleyball twice tonight. Play and then head downtown to coach. God, I need an advil. Damn toothache.

So I didn't post this after I wrote all that above, but since then I have had volleyball three times, twice playing (6-0) for the week and since I was late for coaching due to the fact I was playing that team was (0-3), so not my fault. Haha.

Later all.

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