Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Starwich on 42nd and 10th

Sitting here at a pretty good sandwich place for about 10 minutes, just got my sandwich and was just about ready to dig in when all of the sudden about 20 mothers/nannies walk in the door and unleash these wild kids all over the place.

The children run ignored over the furniture, throwing things, walking behind the counter, just wild in general.

Different mothers are sitting around nursing/breast feeding without a care in the world. There are about two other tables besides me who aren't part of this "little" gathering. It went from quiet and nice to loud and just annoying.

I think before I get my food to stay next time I will be asking if this is a regular occurance.

But the sandwiches are REALLY good here as is the service.

Ooop, one of the queens who own the place just made an annoucement telling the mothers to watch their kids because, "We can't do it for you." Kick ass, girl.

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