Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year to All

Happy New Year to everyone.

So just a quick recap of my new years eve and day.

Party at Time Warner Center Residences. Fun. Little stuffy. Mixed crowd but very nice. Stayed about hour and a half with Fast Eddie. We bought a bag with a change of clothes and our liquor and put it in the coat check. Yes, we had to be dressed nicely for this one.

Second party was at the new residence of Pablo and Robert up in Hamilton Heights (Harlem). We (Fast Eddie and I) got out of our cab, ran to the door (okay, it was a quick trot) and headed upstairs to get our relax on. Pabs, Rob and Mike Z were in the house. That was it. 3 of them. It was about 11pm and all was quiet. And to tell you the truth I couldn't have asked for more. We laughed, just acted silly, drank and had fun. Even though the party was planned rather late and the guest list was about 20 or so it would have been just fine if the night was just the 5 of us. I do love these guys. We actually had 3 others show up for about ½ hour. Came, drank and watched the ball drop. Mariah being slutty crazy just was the icing on the cake. Pictures being taken all night.

Then the old people got tired and Fast Eddie and I headed back downtown.

Sunday morning comes the 10:30am phone call saying brunch is set for about an hour in HK (Hell's Kitchen). The Eatery. Of course the company was good. Food was okay and there wasn't much to look at throughout the place except for this woman with lip work but she clearly had the real breasts working for her. Pictures taken all through brunch.

Walking around HK, stopping at Don's to say hi and check out the Victoria Secret show he has on DVR. I love that show. I asked him to queue it up for when we got there. “Drop it on me” was in our heads for the rest of the afternoon.

Down to Chelsea to say hi to Beau and the people left at his place after the party the night before. Actually not sure if they were left over or if they just came back in the morning for breakfast. Smell of alcohol, eggs and bacon filled the room.

Little furniture/clothes shopping. Aldo. Pier1. Starbucks. Adidas. Got my favorite new picture of the group. I think it is really good anyway.

Hope you all had a kick ass time with your family and friends and I will be back to blogging about just stupid, fun stuff in no time.

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