Friday, November 12, 2004

Rain...Rain...Go Away......

Can I ask, for those of us in the NE, what is with this weather? No wonder everyone is getting sick. First a cold snap to make you want to take a vacation someone, anywhere but here. Then a great day when you think of getting those shorts back out; by the way, congrats to all who ran the NYC Marathon, couldn't have asked for a better day. Then back to cold again. Now comes the rain and, supposed threat of snow. Doesn't even feel like we had a good summer and now we go practically right into winter. Oh wait, we are into November aren't we?

Well, being a West Coast person I don't think I have ever adapted to the East Coast fall/winter weather.

I still refuse to get snow boots, I will layer up for the winter but I won't get that bulky jacket that will do the trick. Plus, I run at the first sight of snow. All the sudden I need a vacation or need to visit friends and family anywhere south or far west. So all of those who haven't seen me in about a year get ready cause the suitcases are getting packed up soon.

Time to search the web for something to make me smile.

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