Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Quiet night...but stop the screeching.

After a rather typical day at work I went and got ready for a Tuesday night of KARAOKE. Scheduled for the usual spot of Pieces Bar on Christopher Street. I have to say being only about 10 blocks from the bar is fine, but walking in this Winter chill, yes, I said Winter, is just not for me.

Anyway, went inside, passed the very cute doorman (who later did a nice number on stage) to see the people people I had been waiting to see. My very good friend Chris L. and his friend, Meredith, who was way cool but not in the mood to sing.

Not a late night, but Chris did do a couple of songs...Hello? Did anyone but him see Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and actually get up and sing the song from it? I think not. But that is why I love him. But he did pull a good Alicia Keyes to end the night before we left.

Was a good night to just be inside and do a little catching up with friends and also meet some new ones. Hey Trey and Crazy Jude.

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