Saturday, December 01, 2007

World AIDS Day 2007

Strange to have a day when we try to celebrate the knowledge and medical advances on something but not be able to say "Happy" before it.

Happy World AIDS Day? Seems backwards to me, I guess that is why we don't say it.

Seems like if anything we just have this day as a big media event so people can pat themselves on the back and still turn a blind eye. That goes for the everyday person who has become complacent with what they do in and out of the bedroom.

As someone who was in grammar school when AIDS came to be; it was always at the forefront of what I heard and that was "Protect Yourself, Stay Safe".

I have lived by that for the past 25years or so. Okay, so really only for the past 19 years. I was not having any kind of relations before then but it was always in my head and yes fear made me protect myself.

Times like this I think fear is a good thing. Fear of losing your life. Fear of relying on a mix of drugs to give you a life which you really don't want.

I know that today these drugs are amazing but you are chained to timed pill taking, trials of drugs, side effects and always the fear that some little bug could come and knock you on your ass for no reason.

I am afraid and I am not afraid to say it.

I am afraid that AIDS is not considered a deadly virus anymore. It is.
I am afraid that people don't care anymore; just read about the whole crystal meth campaign.
I am afraid of how the country has become complacent with dealing with protecting themselves.
I am afraid that with these drugs people do not stand up and fight as much as they used to because it is not so easily detected. Seems that know if you seem healthy why fight and let people know.

But I do know that I control my life and what happens to me.

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