Friday, October 05, 2007

Late Night; Last Night

Okay, so at 2am in the morning, on the streets of Manhattan while I am a few blocks from home at a gyro stand, that post seemed cute and funny and a bit full of myself.

But then again I have not gotten any comments saying anything to the contrary so I will run with it and hold my head high and be sexy all weekend. Long, long since I washed off that stamp from last night.

Weekend weather in NYC should be great.

Looking forward to being out later today,tomorrow for some of the Gay Superbowl downtown, then coaching my volleyball guys to, hopefully, an other win.

Sunday will be my day to really get out with friends and enjoy our last bits of summer.

Hope your weekend will be as good as I hope mine is.

1 comment:

photogreg said...

Actually you're sexy year-round!

How I Spent the Afternoon.