Friday, April 13, 2007

Bad Week, but

at least Josh is back in town and, if I can make it through the weekend, this is Big Apple weekend. NYC's Biggest Gay Tournament of the year.
Not a good time to be unable to sleep.

What's going on on with you people? Comment.


Baiaz said...

I had a great weekend!

The USA trip is alsomst settled! Going To California by the end of august and some friends are joining me there.

First I am going to attend my cousins wedding up at napa valley and then I am joining my friends and renting a car. The plan was that I was going alone and now it seems that since we probably will be 4 people most of the trip, it will be cheaper for me... then by the 12 of september I am going to New York. Cant wait..

how about thet "deal" of going to a play at broadway while I am there? or just a cup of coffee... to say hello?

Take care!


::JOSH YURI S.:: said...

hey chris
good to be back in NY,sorry to leave you in riverview,lol...had to move on,and believe me not to a better offer,,see ya aroun' and if not check ya aroun'

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