Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mark (Justin) Intoxicates The Ladies

I have never seen the ladies of The View go crazy for Anyone as much as they did for Mark Indelicato.

The Ugly Betty star, just adorable in real life as he is on the show, came out and was just himself. And it was quite refreshing to see that he is pretty much like Justin. Loves his musical theatre, loves looking good and making a nice appearance, but he isn't as totally into fashion as his character is.

I applaude the ladies for letting him be himself, never mentioning or asking about what Mark thought might be Justin's sexuality or Mark's for that matter.
I enjoyed it just for what it was, a bit of fun with a great scene stealer.
They even ran the clip below to highlight Mark's singing and dancing talents, but Rosie beamed how she really love the subway showcase of "Good Morning Baltimore".

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