Friday, September 08, 2006

New Beta Blogger....

So today I switched over to the new Blogger beta system. It seems fine so far but it does state that for now the best viewings are on Firefox and IE. Those using Safari will have some difficulty rendering some parts of Blogger. I am not so sure if my site is complicated enough to make it difficult or not.

So that being said, go out and download Firefox. It is the better browser and if you aren't too crazy for Firefox I would suggest Flock or Opera.

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epiac1216 said...

I agree about using Flock, but Opera--no way! Opera Corporation is a very cold impersonal company who cares very little about the Opera users. Help is too cumbersome to use and/or understand.

If you want to have fun while surfing the web, Flock is the cool tool to use.

Flock rocks!



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