Saturday, December 12, 2009

End of Another Season...And I thank God for it.

So the post you are about to read could really be considered an update to the “Life Should Be Fun”  piece I did last month.

I had mentioned how I was in need of some fun and a change.  My fun had largely consisted of playing and coaching volleyball a good 3-4 days of my week but that had slowly become the most laboring part of my week due to the level of enthusiasm I was getting from my teammates and a few of the people I coached. 

Everyone knows that volleyball, especially gay volleyball, has so much attitude no matter what level you are playing that you would think everyone was making money off of playing just for the fun of it.  We all know what this is not the case because if you could be making money off of playing volleyball you wouldn’t be playing in that gym in Chelsea.

Well as of Thursday our season ended and with the 5 teammates who made it to the game we won our last game of the season.  No, not the match just the very last game.  I must say that when things are not gelling as a team that I learned I should really just concentrate on making myself a better player by playing to my fullest extent all the way around.  Improve and feel good about your level of play opposed to arguing with teammates who are too busy being cute and talking to friends while they are supposed to be actually playing.  I mention no names; not like they would ever see this.   

In the end no matter how much I was saddened by this season I do feel like I, myself, played on a higher level than I have before and for that I am happy.

But never again will I ever want to see any of those people on my team again.  Oh okay, maybe one or two but no more than that.

And since I am on a slight rant, “WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THIS COLD WEATHER?  IT ISN’T EVEN WINTER YET!!!!!”

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