Monday, May 05, 2008

Seen in the streets: Tom Welling

This past Sunday as I walked down the street with Nestor and Giancarlo, eyeing the men as usual, we were in the Lincoln Center area when I spotted him.

Clear as day, it took me but a two second from half a block away to realize there was Smallville's main man, Tom Welling.

He looked me dead in the face and being a NYer I gave him that knowing glance and looked away. At this point he was but 4 feet from me.

I have to say he is incredible in person and big. Height wise that is.

I waited a few seconds and directed both Nestor and Gian to where he was but neither saw his face just his back. Gian started to say that it probably wasn't him but Gian has been with me long enough to know I can spot celebrity a mile away.

My mind always goes to; I wonder where he was going? But then ABC is up the street and of course just the Upper West Side in general.

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