Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Southpoint Park

is located at the southern point of Roosevelt Island.

Recently while reading a blog I stumbled upon a new free outdoor movie night. Now we have Bryant Park, which is only a few blocks from our apartment but they show movies on Monday nights and I coach on Mondays so I never get to go.

Southpoint Park shows movies about every two weeks on Saturday evenings. This week was going to be Happy Feet. I had never seen it and even though I am not crazy about animated movies I did want to see this one since it came out.

I had never been to Roosevelt Island so I was excited to see a piece of NYC that is so close but yet kind of far.

My friend Joshua had been out at the Black Pride events and had text messaged me that he was done and asked what I was doing at the time. At the time I was playing volleyball in the park but I told him of my plans for later and he said would it be cool if he joined and I said of course, the more the merrier.

We met at Starbucks and then grabbed some Subway Sandwiches and headed for the Tram. Again, one of those things I have seen for 13 years but never had a need for until today. It was a nice smooth ride over to the island, and yes it does take metro cards.

We got out there, a little later than planned and walked on down to the park. Apparently there was a bus but we were late and didn't know where or how long it would take.

We walked through the park, past that mystery building you can see while driving down the FDR on the East Side. It looks like a mansion but I still have no idea what it is but it is gorge.

For the str8's reading this gorge = gorgeous.

Found our way to the field grabbed a seat near that back, having to enter from the front and work your way to the back. The movie had started early but no harm.

It was a great night. Cooled down from the heat of the day, nice breeze and was a great family night.

The movie was fun and had alot of music from all genres.I will be returning for the viewing of Funny Girl on the 18th of August, if I am here.
Anyone want to join me?

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RI 360 said...

Make sure to return on Aug 18th for Funny Girl and August 25th for Natinal Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. For a clip of the quality and views of movie night on RI feel free to stop my the other RI blog.

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