Monday, May 15, 2006

Catch Up - May 2006

Lately in my little notebook I have been jotting down things that I think I might want to blog about. Most of the time things are timely when I write them down and then that list can turn into a couple of weeks worth of topics that I end up having to troll through and just pick things that still make sense.

So lets start at the top of my list: (the bold is what I wrote in the notebook as a reminder, the rest is what I am writing about the topic now)

Survivor – Aras “Yoga Instructor” Hot

So about a month or so ago I turned on the latest season of Survivor. I had heard there was another cute-ish, daddy like Tom from a season back who was holding strong to win. Well, yes, Terri was handsome in that rugged way I instantly fell for Aras. Yes, they did label him as a Yoga Instructor any time they put his name on the screen but between his, now super lean, swimmers build and his cute face I just thought he should win and I had been trying to catch the show as much as possible.
Well last night, Sunday, was the finale for Survivor and he and Danielle were the last two survivors. She had voted Terri off instead of Aras and thanks to her Aras won the million. And even though he was way cute as an islander he cleans up just as well at home. Oh and his brother was a hottie too. Way to go.

Dixie Chicks - “Not Ready to Play Nice”.
Chalk board punishment reads; “to speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming”. A dig at Cheney I suppose.

So my girls are back with a kick ass CD and their first single off it is a response to the spears, arrows and threats logged at them from their previous comments at the president two years ago. The video is very on point. Very Witch hunt, kill the messenger, examine yourself before coming after me kind of thing that makes you wonder exactly what kind of people would threaten a life over comments made from a personal stance. Look for it. If I can find it I will link it to this post.

Hanes Commercial - “Dodgeball” Too friggin hot.
Plain and simple. If you have seen it and I am sure you have then you know it is just simply hot to see these men in their multi-colored Hanes boxers, briefs and boxer briefs running around, jumping from side to side, diving over and under each other. If the commercial ran for 5 minutes I would call it something we need to find on a loop running on the big screen at the local bar.

Ultimate Fighting Challenge- Matt – Deaf Fighter (so cute and sweet) - Team Ortiz

Matt, oh Matt. Flipping through the channels and landed on SpikeTV and the oh so macho Ultimate Fighter Challenge. They were talking about contestants and how the professional Olympic wrestler who happens to be deaf, thought he was so great, a total misunderstanding. He had been joking and people took it wrong. If you could see him just sitting there and speaking you can see such sweetness coming from him and you just want to hang with him and be his “friend”. I wouldn't want to make him made though because you get to see how easily he can pick your ass up, not in a good way, and throw it from one side of the room to the other. Oh Matt.

America's Next Top Model Marathon
Favorite line “You were sick , dehydrated and had food poisoning but you modeled through it.” How funny and sad is that?

I wish I had the ability to get up on an elephant and pose for a great photographer, be in Thailand and come through all of that while dealing with an upset stomach and dehydration. Well let me tell you one of the girls from America's Next Top Model had to do just that. Danielle, the country girl, wasn't feeling well after being in the hospital “for being a little dehydrated, a some body aches and a little food poisoning”. Imagine if she actually had a full case of something to deal with. Well, she left the hospital instead of staying two days and she got up on that elephant and modeled her ass off. Tyra congratulated her for not letting her pain show on her face and “modeling through it”. That is why you have to love this damn show.
Well, you also have to love this show to learn new English words made up by Jade, the bitch of the bunch. She has made so many words up this season that I am sure we will have a whole bunch of girls using them this summer and getting bitch slapped by their English teachers come the fall.

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